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Photos of Hawkshaw Farm from long ago when the Dowsons first moved in.


About us 

We are a family-run dairy farm that has diversified into making ice cream, using milk from our own cows that you can see in the green pastures around the park. Our philosophy is to make real honest ice cream, by incorporating real natural ingredients rather than any artificial flavours. Because of this, we are proud to produce a much tastier ice cream that is better for you!


On the farm, we are passionate about giving children (and adults alike) the opportunity to see, touch and even handle, under our handlers supervision, our animals. The park has been built with one special feature in mind – that it is safe and enjoyable for all. After being out on the farm, our cafe allows you to sit back and relax with a coffee, home-made cake or even some of our famous ice cream. The cafe is always fully equipped with a play area for children – as you can see we have everyone in mind!


Careers, Jobs & Placements

It's not just about the farm animals but also the amazing people at work.


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A Short History

Learn about how the farm diversified & started making our ice cream.


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Find out how we farm the landscape, caring for the wildlife that calls the farm home.

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Find out information about the commercial farm.


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We are still a working Farm

As a busy working farm, with over 200 cows and farming 350 acres, there are lots to do. Some parts of the farm are closed to public access for your safety as there are big tractors working in these areas.

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