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...Farming for the Future


Our Values

Over the years, as a family, we have made alterations to the way in which we farm to reduce our carbon footprint,  protect nature and make farming even more sustainable.

There is an old farming saying "Live as if you will die tomorrow. Farm as if you will live forever”. As farmers, we understand the importance of working in partnership with the land around us and the impact we have on our landscape and communities. Because we live and work here it is important that we do it well and invest back into our communities because we, our families, our children and our grandchildren will live in this landscape and be part of those communities.


We have made small changes to our farming methods that have had a big impact on helping to protect wildlife.


As we cut the grass in the fields through the summer, we purposely leave 2 metres next to the hedges, fences and all the way around the outside of each field, leaving a natural and safe hideaway for the wildlife that also calls the farm home.


In the cow buildings, we have installed LED low energy lighting in the cow housing (we turn the lights on at night for the cows to see and move around safely in the buildings) and across the farm, reducing our carbon footprint.


Cow manure is spread on our fields as a natural organic fertiliser reducing our dependency on less organic options, so for a few days a year it can get quite smelly around the farm and fields!

Whats going on?

Recently, Mrs Dowsons installed new led energy saving lighting in all the cow buildings, reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Dinosaurs LANDING (7).png

Recently we have planted two new forests with hundreds of trees and bushes. 

Helping us to create natural habitats for the wildlife that also call the farm home. As well as reduce our environmental impact, offsetting our carbon footprint.


Though the Dowson Family and team on the Farm have created hundreds of wildlife habitats and havens, planted forests and dug ponds to encourage wildlife we are not stopping there, we are committed to going further and continuing our conservation program.

Protecting Bees!

We have welcomes thousands of bees onto the farm to help increase bee numbers in the UK!


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