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Health & Safety Advice

Have a fun, safe visit to the farm

During your visit to Mrs Dowsons Farm Park you will have the chance to experience close contact with our friendly farm animals. For your own safety please remember to wash your hands and shoes after meeting the animals, and especially before eating.

  • Remember that young children may have dummies or toys that they put into their mouths. Please do not put dummies that have fallen to the ground back into children’s mouths.


  • Hand sanitisers do not kill all the germs that can be present on a farm. The best way to deal with germs is to use hot soapy water to thoroughly wash all areas of skin that have made contact with animals.

How do people become ill?
People can become infected with micro-organisms through consuming contaminated food or drink, through direct contact with contaminated animals, by contact with an environment contaminated with animal faeces or by being bitten. Very low numbers of micro-organisms can cause human infection.

Animals are great!

Animals are great! But the problem with animals is…

They Bite! They Wee!
They Scratch! They Poo!
They Butt you! They Kick!
They have horns, They Carry Germs!


Keep your distance, allow the animals their own space. Wash your hands, footwear and clothing before leaving and before eating.

Visiting during pregnancy?


The risks are low, but it is best to be well informed...


Follow the link to the NHS advice page

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