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We now have TWO litters of piglets at the farm!

Meet our new piglets to Lancashire's favourite farm!

Say hello to our two new litters of piglets! In the last week the farm has welcomed into the World many baby farm animals from goats to lambs and our newest arrivals the piglets! Mum Anabelle was the first to give birth to a litter of 8 piglets who now call the Pig Sty home and are always snuggled up to stay happy and warm!

Farmer Mandy and the farm park team certainly have their hands full this week! Not long after the first litter, our second pregnant pig Shadow gave birth to 6 beautiful piglets! It is safe to say that our farm team have certainly got their hands full for the time being as there are more farm animals to come! You can come along to the farm to visit our new arrivals who will be kept inside the barns and pig stys to stay warm!


BOOK your tickets to come and see us soon!

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