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NEW Wallaby Walk opens at the farm!

The farmers have been busy constructing an all-NEW wallaby enclosure that will house six wallabies as part of a breeding program.

It's a very exciting time for Lancashire's Favourite Farm as they get set to open the latest addition to Mrs Dowsons Farm Park.

Opening from Friday 13th August 2021, the enclosure will enable visitors to explore the wallabies' habitat and interact with them! Learning facts and making new memories, the walk will take you around the habitat giving you plenty of opportunities to hand feed the animals.

Female Willow (2) and baby daughter (3 months) have been the first wallabies to be welcomed by farmers at Mrs Dowsons after traveling hundreds of miles in partnership with a rescue organisation.

Six more wallabies are expected to arrive in the coming days, ready for the opening this weekend.

Wallabies are closely related to kangaroos, almost identical although they are about half the size! They stand on their powerful hind legs and support themselves with their strong black-tipped, silver-grey tail. Their ears, feet, and muzzle also have black tips.


This is another first for the Farm, it's taken a lot of work and research to prepare for their arrival! We aim now to establish a new ' mob' of wallabies at the farm and welcome visitors into the habitat. For the farm, it is all about giving children the confidence to meet new animals and interact with them. Building a greater understanding. respect and appreciation for farming and conservation.

Amanda Dowson, Co-founder


Wallabies are part of the kangaroo’s family name Macropodidae which means ‘big feet’ a great description for kangaroo’s and their relatives. Wallabies are born no larger than a jelly bean size (2cm) and weigh as little as one gram meaning a human baby is about 3,500 times larger! After birth wallaby Joeys crawl into their mothers’ pouch where they will continue to develop after birth for a couple of months. Native to Australi wallabies diet consists mainly of vegetation and grass however during extremely dry months they will dig up juicy plants for water.

Wallaby Walk, an all-new enclosure at Mrs Dowsons Farm Park, voted 'Lancashire's Favourite Farm' opens from Friday 13th August, by Coronation Street and Celebrity Mum, Helen Flanagan.

Admission to the farm is just £6.79 per person, for all-day fun, including access to the whole farm park, as well as the Wallaby Walk! Book now at

There is plenty of reasons to visit Mrs Dowsons Farm Park this summer for an unforgettable family day out full of memories and fun. Just off the A59 in the Ribble Valley.


BOOK your tickets to come and see us soon!

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