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Baby emus find unlikely friends in orphaned goat kids!

Two baby emus who hatched in an incubator and whose parents fail to associate them as being their own have made some unlikely friends!

Nesting in the NEW ARRIVALS SHED the emus are being hand-reared next door to a small group of friendly bottle-fed kid goats. And they have been making friends! The clever and mischievous goats have learned to break out of their pen! And found not very far at all...making friends with their neighbours. After a little investigation, we discovered how they have managed to escape their pen...

They were found not far away trying to make friends...

The new arrivals are just a few weeks old and being hand-reared by Mrs Dowson who spotted the unlikeliest of friendships form. Despite the size difference, the two species have been seen together at dusk out of curiosity or friendship? Amanda Dowson, who has hand-reared the baby Emus with the team, said: "Discovering the kid goats had escaped and were in the Emu pen one evening gave me such a fright... That was until I went inside and saw the Emus and Kid Goats all calm in the pen together, it's so heartwarming to see! We've spotted them together a few times together and they both seem to love to play around together, they have so much energy" The newest emus are being hand-reared at the farm until they are big and strong enough to join the mob of adult emus who already call the farm home. The newest additions will increase the farm's emu group to 5 and be the first step in launching a breeding program for the species at the farm.

Stay Safe, Ethan at Mrs Dowsons


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