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While most piglet births typically happen at night or in the early hours of the morning, Lilly, a 2-year-old large cross land race sow shocked farmers when she went into labour at around 9:30 in the middle of the cleaning routine, where farmers work to lay fresh bedding each morning.

A healthy drift (group of young pigs) was delivered safely less than half an hour later in what farmers have described as a “very calm and routine birth” to witness. The little ones were up on his feet within 15 minutes and was seen running around soon after, before returning to mum to feed.

All 9 piglets have been seen to feed swiftly after birth which farmers indicate is a great indicator the youngsters will do well.

Stephanie Neild , Traniee Farm Vet, said:

Seeing our piglets suckle on mum's teats is a hugely important first step and a great sign, which out which we'd have concerns as to whether the weaker piglets would make it through the night.

It's very normal to remove the runt from the drift, and hand feed them to ensure they manage to get enough food. As competition from brothers and sisters can be too much for some weaker runts.

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