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Celebrating Mrs Dowsons' 'The Paddocks' Expansion!

This week Mrs Dowsons farmers are fencing, digging and making the final touches to a 12,000 square metre expansion. The brand new 'Paddocks' will provide new spaces for our animals to explore!

The Paddocks, which officially open on 12th May 2018, are already taking shape, with walkways and lookouts which will give visitors the chance to explore the farm in a whole new way! The new areas present a 70% expansion to the farm park.

Mrs Dowsons Farm Park - work under way

Mrs Dowsons' Farmer, Eric Dowson, explains:

"This area was formerly used for growing our grass crop, but over the past two years we have been carefully planning to introduce walkways which will allow visitors to explore more of the farm."

"Leading into the new 'Big Barn', the paddocks will provide grazing for the animals that call Mrs Dowsons Farm Park home, as well as some new arrivals too!"


"We hope visitors will enjoy it too - and if people are inspired to support british farmers once they leave the farm then even better too!"

Eric Dowson, Farmer


As part of the new Paddocks, a wild flower meadow will be planted to help the plight of the UK's bees. Half of the nation's 27 bee species are in decline, seven species have declined by more than 50% in the last 25 years, and three UK bumblebee species have already become extinct.

The Paddocks at Mrs Dowsons Farm Park is part of the farms long term plan to increase engagement with local families, and inspire a new generation to look at farming as a career option. Educating the public about farming life and helping consumers make informed choices are high priority for everyone at Mrs Dowsons Farm Park.

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