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A new herd has arrived at the Farm.

The herd of water buffalo, which are named after popular south asian names, arrived just a few days ago. Water Buffalo live in swamps and forests in western and central Africa and are said to be the horse of the East. They are also seen in the wild, in dwindling numbers.

Elliott Dowson, Farm Manager, said:


"We’re ever so pleased with our new arrivals, mums Karuna and Maya are so far doing a fantastic job of caring for them. They’re only young at the moment but they’re already full of personality and have bundles of energy. Soon their markings will show as they become more gray to black with off-white “socks” and one or two white chevrons on the neck."


Water Buffalo thrive on many aquatic plants as well as grasslands, during floods they will even graze submerged raising their heads above the water and carrying edible plants.

Explore the farm from 3rd March 2018 -

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