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'Time to set record straight': Dairy Council urges misrepresentation of dairy to stop

"Fix all diets and misinformation in this age of social media continues to undermine consumer confidence in dairy and as the Dairy Council have announced, it's time to set the record straight" Eric Dowson has urged.

The Dairy

Council said there many "myths and misconceptions" around food, and dairy is often in the firing line of controversy.

The spread of misinformation and quick-fix diets on social media continue to undermine the ability of the average consumer to enjoy and understand what constitutes a healthy, balanced diet, according to the dairy advocacy group.

Indeed, it led the National Farmers' Union dairy team to create the ‘Proud of Dairy’ campaign to promote the health benefits of dairy and the high-standards of animal welfare amid increasing anti-dairy activism.

The dairy industry has also been urged to respond 'dynamically and forcefully' on social media to those who challenge its 'nutritional and environmental integrity'.

" We need to get the message out there, we should be proud to be amongst the highest welfare standards for dairy in the world, it's time to draw a line under the myths and communicate the facts direct the the public," according to Eric Dowson, supporting the NFU "Proud of Dairy" campaign.

"Dairy is often accused of being a cause of health conditions, including obesity and heart disease."

"The science relating to nutrition can be confusing and diet fads on social media can make matters worse. We’re explaining the evidence for consumers to help them make informed decisions based on the facts."

Nutritionists have explained that dairy foods are nutrient-rich and a source protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine and vitamins B2, B5 and B12.

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