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Learning Resources


A template to list all the animals you see on a visit to Mrs Dowsons Farm Park. 

Links to English, Science and Art & Design. 

What animals did you see at Mrs Dowsons Farm Park?

Dowsons Dairy Cows 5.jpg

Inspire learners to write about animals at the farm in really creative ways. 

Links to English

Creative Writing


Use this blank template to create your own animal fact file.

Links to Science, English and Geography.

Farm Fact File

Bug Hotel Mrs Dowsons Farm Park.jpg

Download a printable Step by Step Guide to getting your class involved with wildlife and conservation.

Links to Maths, Design & Technology and Conservation.

Build a Bug Hotel

bird Box Mrs Dowsons Farm Park.jpeg

A simple step by step guide to print off showing you how to apply maths and design skills to produce your own Bird Box.

Links to Maths, Design & Technology and Conservation.

How to Build a Bird Box

Acid Egg Shell Experiement - Mrs Dowsons

Show your pupils the effect of acid on egg shells to discuss different water ecosystems and pollution.

Links to Science.

Science Experiment - Acid Egg Shells


Learning Resources


Field to Fork

Where my food comes from!

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