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Health and Safety (Education Visits)

We have been accredited & awarded the Visit England Quality Visitor Attraction Award, which enables us to be instantly recognised and trusted by visitors, schools, and Local Education Authorities as providing high-quality visitor and learning experiences in a safe environment.


As part of the Visit England Accreditation we are part of the 'National Code of Practice for Visitor Attractions'.

We know that all schools have to carry out a Risk Assessment before taking pupils on a trip and to make things easier for you we have put together a comprehensive Health and Safety information pack, which will assist you in completing this so you can be reassured that Mrs Dowsons Farm Park is a safe learning environment.

To assist in maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for all our visitors we ask that all pupils and students are effectively supervised and for this purpose we admit a quota of supervising adults free of charge (see Prices and Payments for ratios).

Of course, as well as our visitors, we have the welfare of our animals to look after too! All our animals are on carefully prepared and balanced diets, so please remember to only feed the animals when and where indicated. 

School booking booklet

( Includes booking form )

Employers Liability Certificate

Public Liability Certificational

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