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Mrs Dowsons Fire: Animals saved from blaze in barns.

Animals were evacuated from Mrs Dowsons, when a large fire broke out in one of the barns, as firefighters brought blaze under control.

A fire at Mrs Dowsons Farm has been brought under control in the early hours of Tuesday 12th March 2024 by 8 fire engines from Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service including a mobile command unit.

Farmers called emergency services after nearly 40 tonnes of straw bales, used for bedding animals, caught fire late Monday evening. Animals in near by buildings were evacuated into fields away as firefighters and the farmers tackled the blaze. Using farm tractors to pull apart the stacks of straw bales away from the barns and buildings to be extinguished.

Spontaneous combustion in bales is a phenomenon that means they can ignite without an external heat source. Moisture content is the main factor that causes hay and straw to spontaneously combust. Hay fires are more common than straw fires, for reasons involving the type of forage, the moisture content in the stored forage, and heat production.


A message from us...

"Yesterday was one of the toughest days in the farm's long history. The remarkable efforts from our family, farm team and the emergency services meant the fire was extinguished as quickly as possible. Farmers were able to evacuate lambs from the Lambing Live barn as well as the farm's own dairy herd to safety.

The work now begins on rebuilding animal pens and barns at the rear of the working farm as well as relocating some of the 'Lambing Live' event which opened on the 9th March and runs until 19th May '24.
The cause of the fire is currently unknown, but we will be working to investigate over the coming days and weeks. We would again, like to thank the emergency services for their swift response. "


In a statement, LFRS said: "Eight fire engines from Preston, Blackburn, Hyndburn, Great Harwood, Leyland, Bamber Bridge and Fulwood, and the Aerial Ladder Platform, Command Unit and Water Bowser, are currently in attendance at a commercial building on Longsight Road in Clayton-le-Dale. Firefighters are dealing with approximately 40 tonnes of hay that is well alight and are using two breathing apparatus, two jets and two ground monitors to bring the fire under control.

The Farm Park is scheduled to open as normal this weekend without disruption to visitors.


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