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Farm Fire: Two Weeks On

Two weeks ago we experienced one of the most difficult days in the farms long history when a fire broke out in farm buildings. The extraordinary efforts from the farm team and the emergency services meant the fire was quickly extinguished and farm animals were safely evacuated.

A large area of the working farm was affected including the lambing barn, milking parlour and storage barns. The fire struck the heart of the working farm, and so the efforts to rebuild and repair have been mammoth.

With no time to rest, the road to recovery started with assessing the damage to the structure and the roof, and clearing the debris. Then, work began starting with the removal of all the damaged roof tiles and individually replaced, making the building water-tight once again. With this external work completed, we can now get to work on the electrical, lighting and all parts of the building, carry on refurbishing the inside.

This work continues and we’re so pleased you'll be able to see the progress week on week, to the Lambing Barn, Milking Parlour and Storage Barns down on the working farm.

We'd like to thank each and every visitor for continuing to support the farm by visiting and purchasing our farm-made dairy ice cream. Our philosophy of 'always building' means we always re-investing into better facilities and on-farm education.

Lambing Live has been able to run ahead as planned and the farm remains open as usual for visitors whilst building work carries on behind the scenes. Book now at:


BOOK your tickets to come and see us soon!

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