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An update from the farm.

It’s now been four weeks since the farm opened… and it’s been a period in our history that we’ll never forget.

We’ve all been getting used to new ways of working, new ways of behaving, roling out online ticketing only to help with social distancing and try to ensure that everyone has a fab, safe day out, all while battling torrential rain and blazing sunshine.
We hope that those of you who have visited have had a brilliant time – whatever the weather.

We’ve made as many booking slots available as we possibly can but, with a far lesser capacity to what we’d usually be be able to offer at this time of year, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who has visited so far, particularly for our amazing members who, in our time of need, have given us the most incredible support. We are continueing to adapt how we work to ensure the farm is safe for all.

BOOK your tickets to come and see us soon!

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