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You can ask whatever you like and we'll let you in on all the farm secrets, you may even be lucky enough to see a ewe or cow give birth right before your eyes! We have lots of different talks and activities throughout the day but just so you know, sometimes we need to change the times of our activities and talks because of the weather or animal needs.

a safe visit to the farm

 •Take care when meeting the animals.

They are great but they bite, scratch, wee, poo, butt, kick, have horns and carry germs!

 •Keep your distance and allow the animals their own space.

 •Wash your hands, footwear and clothing before leaving and before eating.

daily timetable


Bottle feed the lambs

11:00 & 2:00 - at the New Arrivals Barn
LAMBING LIVE is one of the busiest times on the farm with hundreds of expectant mothers ready to give birth. Help Bottle feed the orphan lambs too!


working farm talk

11:30 & 2:30 - at the Cow Barn
Ever wondered how muck milk a cow produces? And why they have four stomachs? Find out more about our working farm...

lambing update

 12:00 - at Big BARN

Learn more about life and new arrivals from the farmers working day and night during this busy time of year


meet the New Arrivals

open all day - at new arrivals shed

Get up close and meet the youngest animals at the farm in the new arrivals shed. 

visit the cow barn

open all day - at Cow Barn

During the weather months, our bigger animals snuggle up warn inside the cow barn until the fields dry up! Be sure to visit and see everyone inside the cow barn.


PRE-BOOK your tickets to come and see us soon!

We need you to book online in advance to help with our capacity limit!


QR Fact Trail

open all day - around the farm park

Discover more info, fun facts, and jokes about each animal at the farm with our interactive QR Animal Facts trail. 


New Arrivals 

There's always new arrivals and exciting news at the farm. Be sure to keep up to date right here.