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Adoption Questions

Check out the frequently asked questions below for some of the common things we're asked about adoptions.

What adoption packages do you have available?
We have four different types of adoption packages:

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Adoption Packs  

How much does an adoption cost?
Animal Adoptions range from £29 – £74 regardless of which animal species you choose.

Payment is made as a one-off payment for the whole year but you are given the option to renew the adoption for a further year a month before the adoption expires. At this point you are welcome to swap the type of species you adopt.


Can I adopt an individual animal?
When you take out an adoption at Mrs Dowsons, you adopt the species as a whole rather than an individual animal.

This is because Mrs Dowsons Farm Park is involved in a wide range of breeding programs and individual animals need to be free to move to another farm if necessary.


Although we try to include a picture with every pack, occasionally this is not possible if we do not have a photograph of a particular species.

 What date does the adoption start?
If a start date is not specified on the application form, the adoption will automatically start from the date the adoption is processed. The start date also appears on the personalised certificate.


How long does it take for the adopter’s name to appear on the thank you plaque near the enclosure?
The adopters name will appear on the thank you plaque near the enclosure as soon as possible.

Plaques are printed externally and encapsulated (waterproofed) so time is required for the information to be downloaded and for the printer to return the plaques to us.

Once erected the plaques remain in situ for one month after the adoption finishes to ensure they have been displayed for the period of one year.


How long does it take for the adoption to arrive?

The quickest way to apply for an adoption is to buy online, as your information can be processed immediately.

If an adoption is particularly urgent, a note can be placed in the comments box online requesting the pack to be sent by first class post.

*Please note – if you’ve recently adopted one of our animal species, HUGE thanks for supporting our farm, we only currently have a small team working, and have an extremely high volume of adoptions to pack at the moment. This means your order will take longer than usual to get to you, and we cannot provide a specific timescale for delivery at this stage. We thank you so much for bearing with us, we are working through them as quickly as possible! Thank you.


How can I apply for an adoption?
There are several ways you can apply for an adoption. The easiest and quickest way is to click on buy online.

When you reach the adoption pages, photographs of the most popular species appear. Click on ‘Adopt Me’ next to the animal you want to adopt and you will then be asked to register.

Adopt an Animal Now?

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