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Wow! 1 in 7 Brits have not visited the countryside for two or more years

New research has shown that seven in ten (69%) Brits feel they are losing touch with nature, with a further 13% admitted they have not been to the countryside for more than two years.

The study, commissioned by Jordans Cereals, comes at a time when a recent conference said that the future of agriculture and food production lies with young people.

Something at Mrs Dowsons, we are passionate about.

'worrying results'

Mrs Dowson said, " these worrying results just show how important the work we carry out at the farm. Our latest program, #explorethefarm, is focused on giving visiting families a great family while educating them about farming life and the importance of farms"

And according to new research by the BNF, which spoke to more than 27,500 children across the UK, cheese comes from plants, tomatoes grow underground and fish fingers are made of chicken.

In the Jordans Cereals research, when quizzed on wildlife, 33% of those questioned could not identify a barn owl while 66% couldn’t recognise a turtle dove.

Both these farmland birds are in decline with turtle doves being one of the UK’s fastest declining species after populations have fallen by 96% since 1970.

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