Mrs Dowsons is giving away 1,000 free tickets!

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Helping to inspire the next generation of farmers!


More than 1,000 children will be able to visit the farm park for free as part of the farm's 'inspiring the next generation of farmers' initiative this summer! Giving children and parents to visit, as the award-winning Farm Park scales up its efforts to inspire the north west's children to think passionately about a career in agriculture.

The big-ticket giveaway is part of the family farm’s continued commitment to charity and an education campaign to inspire the next generation of farmers – by inspiring the north west's young people and sparking a passion for a vocation in farming.

Amanda Dowson, Managing Director of Mrs Dowsons Farm Park, said:

“A visit to the farm park can inspire our young people to create real connections with the farming world and look at a career in agriculture that they never thought possible. That is why we can and must engage more young people than ever before with the chance to explore the farm.


“As a family business invested in supporting charitable work, we’re proud to be in a position to give such a large number of tickets away for free to young people and parents.”

Each year hundreds of schools and thousands of families visit the farm, and with this new initiative will enable young people from all backgrounds to participate. The farm park is particularly encouraging school aged children and their parents / guardians to apply for tickets and explore the farm this summer.

Places are available for visitors in the north west from reception age to year 13, for weekday visits between 20 July to 22 September 2019, including Lancashire CC summer holidays.

There is a maximum capacity of bookings per day to avoid overcrowding and ensure every child and visitor is able to enjoy the nationally accredited farm experience.

Thank you for your support, visiting the farm and buying local helps to support many farming families and businesses.


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