The Farm Park is closed...

Information updated 20 March 2020

We're closed...

During these difficult times, we continue to focus on the safety and welfare of our staff, visitors and farm animals.  We are working to put changes in place to be a safe place to visit with fresh air and family fun.

The Farm Park is currently, but we are working closely with our partners and government guidance to make changes to the farm to re-open soon. We hope to be open soon, working within the government guidance to create a safe outdoor space for families.

We are sure that many of you have questions about your bookings. Our phone lines are extremely busy, so please help us by emailing your queries to us at so that we can work through them and respond to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

The future is not certain at present. But right now, we are looking at how we can still continue our mission of farm education and making the countryside accessible to all.

For the latest updates, please keep an eye on our website and social media channels.

We wish you well, and look forward to welcoming you to the farm, in the future. 

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