Charity Requests

We are happy to support local communities in all sorts of ways, if you are a registered charity requesting admission tickets to the Farm Park, please complete our form in order to be considered!

As a family farm and visitor attraction, we receive thousands of requests each year, and we want to support our local community as much as possible.


In order to manage the process of supplying complimentary tickets to organisations, the following criteria apply:


• Tickets will be issued to either organisations or registered charities whose work clearly supports or relates to our own mission: 'conserve, promote and educate about farming', or to schools and registered community groups.


• We will only donate tickets directly to organisations and charities themselves.  If you are a third party, please ask the charity or organisation you are supporting to apply for tickets.


• We may request that our marketing flyers are distributed at your event, in return for supplying complimentary tickets.


• Please do not apply for tickets within 3 months of successfully receiving tickets from us, we will not be able to help.

Please complete the form below, once this is received, someone from the Farm Park team will be in contact with you.

Thank you for your support, visiting the farm and buying local helps to support many farming families and businesses.


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