Bonfire & Fireworks

Bonfire Night at the farm this 5th November.

a socially distanced safe family event



£11.99 per ticket - CHILDREN £9.99


£9.99 per ticket - CHILDREN £7.99


Children under 1 go enter free of charge

Date & Time

5th November

4:00 pm Gates open

6:30 pm Bonfire lit

7:30 pm Fireworks

10:00pm close

We are soooo HAPPY to announce our all new Bonfire Night event at the farm. 

We've carefully planned this event to keep you safe, but we're sure you'll have the most amazing day!

For more information see our FAQ's below.

All tickets purchased for our Bonfire Night are vital in our survival during COVID-19 and supporting us in our mission to educate about farming life.


Join us as we open the farm gates for a night filled with fun.

To make this event as safe and magical as possible, we've limited capacity and arranged pre-book pitches only.

Come down to the Farm for an evening of bonfire and fireworks. You'll be able to see some of the farm favourites tucked up in the buildings during the evening!

join us at the farm this 5th November...

Visitors can enjoy fire breathers, live music and a host of food and drink before heading to their private hexagon area with haybale seating at the bonfire, due to be lit at 6.30pm, and enjoying a firework display at 7.30pm.

This event is pre-bookable only, so book online to secure your place, as numbers will be limited.

Please dress appropriately - this activity is outdoors and will involve walking in the fields.

Social distancing measures in place                       


We have two options for our socially distanced private hexagon at Mrs Dowsons Farm Park.

VIP (max 6 people) and STANDARD (max 6 people). Follow our steps below to make your booking.


AGE: all ages (under 18's must be accompanied by an adult)



VIP (Min 4 people)

STANDARD (Min 4 people)

Please note you cannot pick a specific hexagon, only the zone.

The layout diagram is for reference only, each hexagon will have straw bales provided for seats.




VIP - £11.99 per ticket - Children £9.99

STANDARD - £9.99 per ticket - Children £7.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my ticket?                                                 ↓   
What is included in the Bonfire Event?                                    ↓   
What is included in The Bonfire Night event?                              ↓   
How much does it cost?                                                   ↓   
How can you ensure the event will be safe?                                  ↓   
How will I get my tickets?                                                 ↓   
I'm a member do I get a discount?                                        ↓   
What are the parking arrangements?                                      ↓   
What parts of the farm park will be open?                                    ↓   
What animals will I see?                                                    ↓   
What if there is rain or bad weather?                                         ↓   
Can I bring my own food?                                                    ↓   
What if I can't visit because I'm self-isolating or in the case of a local or national lockdown because of COVID-19?                                            ↓   

To make this event as safe and magical as possible, we've limited capacity and allocated socially distanced seating.

Thank you for your support, visiting the farm and buying local helps to support many farming families and businesses.


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