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Celebrating British'#ProudToProduce'

"As dairy farmers we need to do more to shout about what’s great about Lancashire dairy and ensure the public can make a meaningful link between our work and the products they buy from the fridges of their local supermarket, farm shop or farmers’ market." The #ProudtoProduce campaign is a great way to encourage local producers to get the message out and shout about the great work we do, our high welfare standards and the best produce on our doorstep. Our Visitor Centre at Mrs Dowsons is another way in which we bring schools and groups to the farm, showcasing farming life, for many children it will be the first time they have been to a farm, been up close to farm animals and it's important th

#LoveLambWeek: Help put lamb back on British plates

Over the past 15 years, fewer people have been regularly eating the very British meat, and with those aged 55 years and over making up the lion’s share of the market, time is ticking for lamb. This year the annual campaign runs from 1-7 September, and social media users are being urged to tweet the hashtag #LoveLambWeekLove Lamb Week is one of the initiatives inspire British agriculture and horticulture to become more competitive and resilient. "We need to make sure that delicious British lamb isn't overlooked and left on its last leg with younger consumers" said Eric Dowson. "Sheep herds graze our moorlands, maintaining our marshlands and look after our lowlands, sheep are part of a very Br

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